The focus of the Teaching and Learning Department in the Sweet Home School District is to improve teaching and learning. The primary responsibilities of the department include curriculum, textbook adoption, alignment of the curriculum K-12, and providing focused staff development opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills to better serve all students. Our teachers in this district are extremely talented. It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for teachers to dialog with each other about teaching and learning and to provide training opportunities to ensure that teacher skills are the best they can be.


Barbi Riggs, Director of Teaching & Learning
Phone: 541-367-7175
Fax: 541-367-7104

Melissa Kruzel, Secretary – Teaching and Learning
Phone: 541-367-7110
Fax: 541-367-7104

Michelle Bidwell, Instructional Technology Coordinator
Phone: 541-367-7198
Fax: 541-367-7104

Jennifer Ashcraft, English Language Learning
Phone: 541-367-7626