The Student Services Department coordinates programs and resources for students with special needs. This includes needs that might be academic, behavioral/emotional, or physical/medical. Programs or resources that are coordinated out of the Student Services Department include: Special Education, Talented and Gifted program, Resources for Homeless Students, School Nurses, Behavior Specialists, Testing Specialists, Family Services, & Alternative Education (tutoring).

The Student Services Department also coordinates the services of specialists such as Autism Specialists, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologists, Hearing Impaired Specialist and a Vision Impaired Specialist.

The Sweet Home School District Student Services keeps and maintains Special Education Records for District Students.  These records will be maintained for five years.  After five years the records will be destroyed, unless a parental or eligible student request is made to retain the records.


Thad Holub – Director of Student Services
Phone: 541-367-7115

Heather Shipp – Administrative Secretary
Phone: 541-367-7115

Melissa Kruzel – Scheduling Secretary
Phone: 541-367-7119

Health Services

Please see our Health Services page to learn about our district nurse services, immunization guidelines, and other health related information.