Teen Parent Services provide support for young women and men who are pregnant or parenting. Our mission is to support pregnant and parenting students in achieving their highest potential, personally and academically, while preparing them to contribute to society as citizens of a diverse, multi-cultural and international community. We know that:

  • All teen parents can learn
  • Teen parents are valuable members of the community
  • Teen parents will thrive with support from family, community and school


Kristi Walker, Teen Parent Coordinator
Phone: 541-367-7114

Supportive Services

Tutoring Services:
Tutoring services are provided during the postpartum period of recovery for teen moms. This is a vital service which allows students to earn credit during the semester their child is born.

Parenting Education:
Parenting Education is delivered through group format, as well as individual instruction. Teen parents are encouraged to take the Human Growth and Development class through the Family/Consumer Studies department at Sweet Home High School.

Individual Support:
Teen Parents meet regularly with the Teen Parent Coordinator/School Counselors to ensure that their needs at school are being met. Referrals for agency and community support are offered.