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Math K-8

(Printable Packets from I-Ready)


Journey’s for K-6 as assigned by teacher


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Signing into your students google account: They will need to use their username in their complete email address to sign in at a computer not on the district network. Most usernames are their graduation year, last name, first initial. (Example: Fred Seuss will graduate in 2029 so his username would be 29seussf) Their complete email address will be  You will need to log into google not gmail. Most students do not have gmail so you will get an error if you try to sign into gmail.

Passwords are their initials plus a 4 digit number. (We will work on ways to get these to our students who don’t remember them.)

Online Resources for Health

Online Activities for Social Studies, Science, Arts, PE, Keyboarding

Just for Fun

  • Virtual Field Trips Visit the San Diego Zoo: watch the animals, play games, read stories about the animals, lots of fun crafts and videos.  Yellowstone National Park: Watch Old Faithful, tour the park, become a Junior Ranger, Explore as a young scientist, and more. Take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum or the Great Wall of China, and lots more.
  • Coloring Pages
  • road-trip-from-home-virtual-field-trips/  Thank you Erin and Trey for sharing.

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