Sweet Home Junior High offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of interesting after-school clubs. The clubs are seasonal; many run on different days so students can join more than one. All clubs are free to join (although optional perks, like a club T-shirt, require fees). The following clubs may be offered this year:

Outdoor Club – Outdoor club exposes students to life long activities that take advantage of the outdoors. Activities include snowshoeing, canoeing and hiking. This club runs the entire school year.

Guitar Club – Students have the opportunity to display their skills at an assembly at the end of the year.

Drama Club – Students learn about all aspects of drama and theater tech. The club concludes with the performance of a different play each year.

Art Club – Students interested in exploring the world of art outside the regular classroom are encouraged to join Art Club. Students in Art Club work in SHJH’s T-Shirt business and earn the ability to take special art related field trips.

Garden Club – Students develop their “green” thumbs as they tend the school garden and green house. During harvest, students take home fresh produce. This club meets in the fall and spring.

Coding Club – Students explore HTML script writing programs, including writing code for the Ozobot.

Rocket Club – Students study the science behind rockets. Students will have an opportunity to build and launch their own rockets.

Additionally, Sweet Home Junior High has several ongoing activities scheduled during the school year. Please check the school calendar for the precise date and time of the following activities:

Junior Advisory Group (JAG) Meetings – This group meets monthly during lunch in the library. JAG is made up of 7th and 8th grade students who have been elected by their respective Homerooms to represent their classmates and provide input on school operations. Homeroom Elections for JAG Officers will be held at the beginning of the school year.

Monthly School Dance – The last Thursday of each month is the designated After-School Dance Day. School dances held after school from 3:05 pm to 4:00 pm. As the school office closes before the dance ends, students will need to prearrange a ride home. Dances cost $2.00 each.

Spirit Week – Spirit activities include Dress Up Days, Break Games, Spirit Assembly and a Spirit Dance. Spirit Points are awarded for student participation.

Citizenship Celebration – A positive school environment is essential for student success. Each trimester, students will be released from classes early to participate in Citizenship Celebration activities. Citizenship Celebrations support different themes: No Tardies, No Referrals, No Missing Assignments, etc. Students who do not meet the announced criteria will be assigned to a Study Hall Workshop.