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I have concerns about my child's performance in class...what can I do?


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Talk to your child first.  Ask them about the class they're doing well in.  Ask what they do in that class in order to keep their grades up.  Then what's keeping them from performing better in other classes?  Ask what you can do to help them?  If the answers you get from your child don't sound reasonable (i.e my teacher hates me), talk to your child's teachers.  All teachers at the junior high are easily reached through email.  Mini-conferences can be scheduled by calling the main office at 541) 367-7187.

Each trimester student progress reports will be mailed home before conferences.  Conferences at the junior high are "drop-in" style.  Dates and times of conferences are posted on the school calendar.  Report cards will be mailed home at the end of each trimester.  If you can't make it to conferences, please contact the main office to get our assistance in scheduling another time for you to talk to your child's teachers.

regular grade review & planner check

Parents and students have access to class grades and performace on standards 24-7 thanks to the Parent Portal.  Parent Username and Passwords will be mailed home by the 2nd week of school in September.  Parents and students can set up automatic email alerts if grades drop below an assigned threshold (i.e. if any grade drops below 70%, an automatic email is generated), or set up weekly grade reports to be delivered to your email inbasket on a regular basis.

While most students are able to complete their work at school, the average junior high student has about 30 minutes of homework each night - some nights more, some nights less.  If your child has erratice attendance, they will most likely have several hours of homework each night until they are caught up on all of their classes.  Each student is expected to fill out their Student Planner on a daily basis; students are given class time to fill out their planner each day.  Regular inspection of your child's planner will help to keep you informed of upcoming projects and due dates. 



All teachers at the junior high provide reassessment opportunities for students who perform below proficiency level on content standard assessments.  Please contact your child's teacher to inquire about reassessment. 









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