The Sweet Home School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes, identifies and serves the unique needs of talented and gifted students in grade K-12. Students are identified as academically talented if they score 97% or higher on a nationally standardized test of reading or math or intellectually gifted if they score 97% or higher on a nationally standardized test of mental ability. A second test in the subject area with a score of 90% or higher is also required for identification.

A student may be identified in reading, math, intellectual ability or a combination of these. No single test shall be the sole criteria for determination. Students are placed in the screening pool based on parent, staff or self-referral, or from scores on standardized tests.

Classroom teachers differentiate instruction to address each TAG student’s level and rate of learning. See our Programs & Services section for more information.


Thad Holub – TAG Identification
Phone: 541-367-7115
Fax: 541-367-7199

Amanda Sciscioli – TAG Coordinator
Phone: 541-367-7123

Forms / Handbook

Available Books

There are several books available to help teachers with differentiating instruction in the classroom. The following books are available from the Curriculum Department.

  • Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, by Susan Winebrenner
  • How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms, by Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • The Differentiated Classroom, by Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson

Goals of the Talented and Gifted Program

Provide an appropriate placement, a secure environment, and program options which will encourage students to:

  • Develop at their maximum potential
  • Move at a faster pace, work more intensely and produce products that are the result of in-depth study
  • Organize, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and communicate ideas and information in the pursuit of individual interests
  • Utilize appropriate creative problem-solving techniques to make choices and decisions
  • Pursue excellence through motivation and desire to learn
  • Recognize that commitment and persistence result in outcomes which will engender a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Work cooperatively and accept differences as a functioning member of a group

Rate and Level of Learning

Your child’s teacher will provide instruction that matches your child’s abilities. The teacher will determine the child’s level of learning and provide instruction at that level. Your child will be learning new skills, concepts and information. There will be review from time to time, but for the most part, the work will reflect new learning.

The teacher will also monitor the rate at which your child is learning. Some gifted children learn new material more quickly than their peers. Teachers will monitor students’ rate of learning with frequent assessments. If the child has mastered the concepts or information, the teacher will move the student on to new work.

At the time your child is identified as talented or gifted and again at the beginning of each school year, the teacher will prepare a plan to address your child’s rate and level of learning—the PEP (Personal Education Plan). A copy of this plan will be sent home for your review and feedback.

Rights of Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians have the following specific rights under the TAG Act:

  • To give permission prior to any individualized testing.
  • Notification of a child’s identification, and of the programs and services available.
  • Opportunity to participate in the decisions about programs and services for their child.
  • Information about the procedure for a complaint or appeal.
  • Access to the records used in the identification process including an explanation of those records by a knowledgeable district employee.
  • Withdrawal of their child from talented and gifted programs and services.

Program Appeal Procedures

Parents may ask for reconsideration of an identification, placement or program appeal in writing or by talking to the teacher and principal.

If the issue is not resolved, parents may complete the TAG standards appeal form, which is forwarded by the principal to the superintendent.

The superintendent will arrange for a review committee to consider the appeal. The committee may recommend one of the following:

  • The services being provided are appropriate;
  • The appeal is upheld in whole or part.

The parent may appeal the decision of the review committee to the School Board. The decision of the School Board is final.

If the parent remains dissatisfied and 45 days have elapsed since the original appeal, an appeal to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction can be filed.