Sep 21, 2020

Dear Sweet Home Families,

We are writing to provide you with some reassurance and clarification about daily student attendance requirements for this school year. Our guidelines for this school year are widely different than they were last spring and we want to make sure any questions you may have get answered. Last spring attendance was taken weekly, but this year it will be taken daily.

There is great flexibility in terms of what qualifies for daily attendance. We understand that as parents, you are facing lots of variables. Your children might not be able to attend a zoom meeting during regular school hours, your home internet access may be unstable, or you may not be able to oversee your childrens’ instruction if you work during the day. For these reasons and more, the definition of attendance during distance learning can look like any one or more of the following:

Daily Attendance during Distance Learning
  • Participating in video classes during a school day junior and senior high students must report for every course that day)
  • Communication between a student and teacher (Zoom Chat, Canvas discussion post, email, text, Remind app, phone call)
  • A phone call between a student and an instructional assistant
  • Posting a completed assignment to Canvas or attaching to teacher  email within 24 hours of class instruction

Attendance in all above forms will be taken each day for every student, so please ensure that your children have participated in at least one of the activities above every school day.

When Will a Student be Marked Absent?
  • When there is no evidence of any form of student interaction during a 24-hour period connected to a scheduled school day

Previously established district response to inconsistent student attendance will be implemented this school year. These responses may include, but are not limited to follow up phone calls, attendance letter(s}, home visits from school staff or referral to the district truancy officer.

Sometimes there are unusual situations that require problem solving. Should you have any questions about whether or not an activity counts toward daily attendance, please do not hesitate to give your school principal a call to determine the answer. They are ready to serve you and address your concerns.

Tom Yahraes

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