Jan 7, 2020

Sweet Home Student Learning Rates Exceed National Averages in
Stanford University Educational Opportunity Study

According to a recently released nationwide study from The Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford
University, Sweet Home School District students learn 10 percent more each grade than the U.S. average.
Meanwhile, learning rates are 14 percent higher in Sweet Home than in school districts with similar
socioeconomic status.
The report measures student academic performance at elementary, middle and junior high schools across the
United States.
Learning rates measure how much students’ scores improve each year while they are in school. Stanford
Professor Sean Reardon said that the learning rate is one of the most important measurements to look at when
comparing schools and school districts.
Reardon offered this analagy… Hospitals should not be assessed on the health of their patients, but how well
they do at getting patients on the road to recovery. Similarly, evaluating schools just on test scores can
overlook how well those schools are boosting the academic achievement of students who attend.
Additional information about the Stanford University Educational Opportunity Project is available at