Aug 7, 2019

Dear Parents, Students, and Community,


Welcome back to the school year. I hope you had a great summer! As I write this message, construction is in full throttle at Holley, Foster, and the Junior High. The renovations are amazing. These schools will have new roofs, windows, safety vestibules, security systems, office spaces, and all the required seismic safety upgrades.  In addition, Holley will have a new cafeteria; Foster will have additional classrooms, playground access, and classroom ceilings; and, the Junior High will have a new cafeteria, full-size gym, maker space, video production studio, bus loop, parent drop off, and enhanced security systems.


The daily transformation of each building is extraordinary and is something to behold as these improvements propel us decades forward from the 1960s buildings to 2019 and beyond.  Possibly the most extraordinary part of our projects is we did not raise the community’s tax-rates. Through multiple grants, a generous bond, and our own talented district facilities’ staff, we have made great strides on the renovations, and we will be program ready for the opening of the school year.


A new year is an opportunity for students to blaze new trails. Students are eager, anxious, and excited to get started. Our youth are filled with hopes and dreams and the knowledge that the future holds infinite possibilities no matter who they are or where they come from.  For parents, the new year brings the hope that their child learns to read, engages in complex math, receives much-needed lessons in science and history, gets involved in a sport or activity, or maybe a hidden talent will be awakened through career and technical classes. For the community of Sweet Home, a new school year brings us together with a common goal: helping our children thrive. They are our future.


We are a school district on the move, and every school is working from the same page (literally) of our 5-year Strategic Plan. Across the board, performance data is up: graduation rates, achievement scores, and attendance. We have more freshman students on track to graduate, more students earning college credit, more students participating in career or technical programs, and more students participating in activities and athletics – where they learn the lessons of confidence, commitment, responsibility, resiliency, and teamwork.  And, importantly, every school has community service and citizenship initiatives.


I’m beginning my fourth year as your superintendent, and I am proud of our collective accomplishments. I am proud to be a part of schools where each child feels valued, inspired, and has a sense of belonging.  I am proud of living in a community that so strongly supports its kids and schools. Sweet Home is the Place to Be!


I have an open-door policy. Please swing by to visit.